Multidisciplinary Subjects 2014

Multidisciplinary Subjects I

Knowledge Exploring Skills [Autumn_AB,Mondays period 2,1D301]/[Autumn_C,Mondays period 1,2,1D301]

In college, students study autonomously and interactively. In this course, you learn how to use the information search tools that are needed to explore information, such as databases. Don’t you want to master a professional tool and become a first-class knowledge explorer?

Multidisciplinary Subjects II

Intellectual Property: Scholarly Works[Spring_AB,Mondays period 1,3B405]

“If I have seen farther than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” As Newton said, the great discoveries and progress of science are based on knowledge accumulated for a long time. New scientific knowledge is published as dissertations. Thus, a dissertation is intellectual property—the basis of the advance of science—and fierce competition exists among researchers to publish valuable dissertations. The papers are then applied and evaluated. This course teaches you those processes.

Libraries in Literatures and Movies [Spring_AB,Mondays period 2,3A209]

Through the images of the library in literary works and visual media, this course gives you the history of libraries, and the roles of libraries and librarians.

Network Security: Recipe to survive the networked age [Autumn_AB,Mondays period 1,3A202]

In the network society, there are various problems, such as phishing, click fraud, and piracy with the file exchange software. In this course, you learn how to use the network safely.

Intellectual Property: Patents[Autumn_AB,Mondays period 2,2C404]

Creativity and inventions have enabled us to live in comfort. For example, Leonardo da Vinci, who is famous for the Mona Lisa, produced sketches of an airplane and a tank. Patent gives a person or company exclusive rights to an invention for a limited period. This course teaches you what a patent is, the patent application process, and the application of patent technology in industry.

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